Wohlwend Engineering Group

LEED Certified Civil Engineering firm

Wohlwend Engineering Group, Ltd. is a LEED Certified Civil Engineering firm with clientele coming from both the private and public sectors through the state of Ohio. Our experience includes commercial, retail and industrial development as well as single and multi-family residential projects and utility infrastructure projects.

Retail Development

Wohlwend Engineering Group has successfully led the construction of various retail locations for well-known companies including CVS and Dollar General.

Commercial/Industrial Development

Our team is committed to providing you with a single-point of contact throughout the entire life of your project. Work with Wohlwend, a LEED certified company, on your next site engineering design.

Residential Development

From single-family homes to multiple-family residential developments, Wohlwend Engineering Group encompasses the skillset to design and deliver your next residential project.

Wohlwend Engineering Group

Wohlwend Engineering Group works within a large network of like-minded professionals in complementary disciplines, including building design, real estate, and construction professionals. This extensive network allows Wohlwend Engineering Group to provide a unique view on the development process. We are able to examine a project and determine how to accentuate its positives and minimize its negative aspects. Our team takes pride in providing our clients with a single point of contact throughout the entirety of your project.

Our team of civil engineers is committed to maintaining state-of-the-art computer software for our clientele. Our software provides easy integration with other design disciplines and allows for projects to be designed more efficiently than ever before. Depend on Wohlwend Engineering Group to deliver a budget-conscience design that is on schedule when considering your next project.

See how the Wohlwend Engineering Group can add value to your construction and development projects.